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Jones Outdoor Advertising is here to help you look your best on our highways and byways. We offer all new and existing clients everything that they need to produce the best billboards. We are a trusted outdoor advertising company that has been in business for over 36 years.

You have options! Our design professionals are here to produce exciting, creative, and effective solutions for you.

Our full-service Art Department is ready to design your next billboard for you—or supply you with the tools and assistance you need to create your own outdoor visual advertising. We quality check all files that come through our Art Department so that you always put the best look forward.

Below you will find a series of Creative Templates and Artwork Guidelines to help you produce your artwork to our specifications. Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns about creating your next outdoor advertising project.


Here you can download templates that you can use to create your billboards artwork.

Billboard Templates
The contents of each download include:
A. Adobe Illustrator CS5 Template File (.ait)
B. Adobe Illustrator EPS Version CS5 File (.eps)
C. Adobe PDF File (.pdf)

Please review Artwork Requirements prior to downloading templates.
If you need a template of different dimensions please contact our Design Department.
Email Here


Download Templates

Click Here to download the 8x20 Template

Click Here to download the 10x28 Template

Click Here to download the 10x30 Template

Click Here to download the 10x32 Template

Click Here to download the 10x40 Template



Artwork Requirements

Disk Format:
Mac or PC, CD, DVD, thumb drive, email (if file is a PDF). Don't hesitate to contact the Design Department at 520-591-9746 if you have any questions regrading templates or submitting your artwork.

Electronic File Submissions or Questions:
E-mail all submissions to the Design Department here.

FTP: If you would like to upload your files to our FTP Site using Filezilla (PC), Fetch (Mac) or a similar FTP client software, please contact your Sales Representative for the FTP address, User Name and Password — or email us at and we will forward the information to you. Also, please make sure that your native files do not exceed 100MB for FTP uploads (PDF files should be under 20Mb).

File Format:
Adobe PDF/X -1a:2001 (Prefered),

We can also accept:
• PSD's (Flat/CMYK),
• Ai's (flat/CMYK With all text in "outlines" with all raster images embedded),
• Indd's (Packaged/CMYK)
Problems with these files are: file size, missing images, missing font files, amoung many other issues that are out of our control. If you are sending a file that is 15 to 20Mb you are sending too much information. If you have any issues emailing the files please contact us and we can provide you with FTP information for file transfer. We prefer to have PDF/X - 1a:2001 to avoid the the bold spots.

Photographic Images:
All raster images used should be 300 dpi. in CMYK mode only.

Please be sure to embed, convert to outlines, paths, curves, or provide font files for all fonts used in artwork. DO NOT send fonts as editable text, they will NOT print correctly.

Page layout: Build your file to the sizes below. Templates are available here.
If you have any questions contact our Design Department

Artwork template

File Size at 300DPI CMYK Color Mode
Billboard Size Bleed/ Final File Size Safety Trim
8' X 20' 4.75" X 10.75" 3.75" X 10.75" 4" X 10"
10' X 28' 5.75" X 14.75" 4.75" X 13.75" 5" X 14"
10' X 30' 5.75" X 15.75" 4.75" X 14.75" 5" X 15"
10' X 32' 5.75" X 16.75" 4.75" X 15.75" 5" X 16"
10' X 40' 5.75" X 20.75" 4.75" X 19.75" 5" X 20"