Real Estate Department

Supplemental Income
By leasing your commercial or industrial property to Jones Outdoor, we can provide a steady source of income which maximizes a return on your property investments and increases the potential re-sale value. With Jones Outdoor, the largest independent billboard company in Arizona, your property will work for you. If you have a sign on your property, and need someone to mange it for you give us a call. All you need to do is cash the check.

Guaranteed long term income
Jones Outdoor has over 30 years of experience in outdoor advertising and has an unsurpassed reputation with both advertising clients and property owners. You can be assured that we will honor our commitments to you.

Fully Insured
Jones Outdoor holds you, the property owner, harmless from any claims or damages for bodily injuries and physical property damage caused by our sign structures or employees. Jones Outdoor maintains liability insurance to cover all losses for which we may be responsible.

Jones Outdoor structure technology
All of our signs are designed to be virtually maintenance free. Our structures meet the most rigid engineering requirements which meet or exceed current building codes. Jones Outdoor regularly inspects our building facilities to insure that all of our structures are serviced, regardless of location.

Limited ground space
Jones Outdoor will custom design the installation to minimize the ground space necessary to ensure that there will be no inconvenience to any ongoing business operations. Your Jones Outdoor representative will ensure that the installation will cause as little disruption as possible.

No investment required
Jones Outdoor is responsible for ALL costs including installation, illumination, and maintenance.

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